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A Promise For Purity

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You know there are times in your lives where nothing makes since. There are times where everything makes since. There are time where we are happy, sad, mad, frustrated and more. But no matter what time it is know that God has you. He knows what you are going through. He knows what you are feeling. He knows how to help and how to get it to you. But the thing is.......are you going to let Him in? Are you going to talk to Him about what it is going on? Do you trust Him to take care of it? Are you willing to give it to Him all the way and see what He does? This is something we all have to stop and think about. It is something that comes up on an everyday basses. He wants our lives in a whole. He wants to take care of us. He know how in a way better than way then we know or thing. God has us and He wants us to open up to Him. He wants us to talk to Him about whatever is going on in our world. Yes He knows before we say a word, do anything or even how many hours we sleep. He even knows what we are thinking. But the think is, He still wants us to tell Him what is going on. He wants us to talk to Him. He wants us to communicate with Him. He wants us to share our life with Him. So what may be stopping you from Going to Him? Is it fear, thinking He will reject you, thinking He doesn't like you or even want to hear from you. He loves you very much and wants help you. But the only way it can happen is if we talk to Him. So go today and talk to Him. Open up to Him and let Him in. HE LOVES YOU 💖💖 #encouragement #words #fromtheheart #God #Jesus
The best way to spend your first moments awake. Thanking God for the day you have been given and the life you live. Then giving Him your day and watching Him work! #mornings #God #time #spendtimewithGod
God's given Peace!!!!! #verseoftheday #peace #Godspeace #godsword #godspeace #scripture
2019 wow the last day of 2019. That is crazy to think. This year has had it's highs and lows. • This year has had alot of things happen. Good and bad. Things I never want to relive and things that I won't mind reliving. Things I had to face and deal with. • But I could choose to look at the bad things and focus on that. But that is not what this is about. This year I can say that I learned so much. God delivered me from depression, I leaned alot about myself, I have made big choices and so much more. • So to 2020 there will be new lifestyle changes. Focusing on the good things and stop looking at the bad things. It is for new changes and new habits. It is time for a new thing to happen. It is time to leave the past in the past and look at what is to come. • Here is to a new year and new me. God is good and He always comes through.
When the reading plan you are reading on your Bible app goes along with our reading plan. #readingplan #scripture #bibleverse
So yesterday I got done reading the book of Psalm. This is one of my favorite books. I love how it talks about praising God and letting your feelings out. But making sure to let God's in on it and just remembering who His is. Now I'm in Provbers and I'm loving it as well. Another one of my favorites. #Bible #biblestudy #cbtreadingchallenge #scripture


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